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Ruger 10/22 BARRACUDA® Rifle Stocks

The BARRACUDA® Stock - an innovative, skeletonized thumbhole stock - was designed by a talented designer, Mike Turner. We acquired the rights to it, but, alas, other companies have knocked it off, without, unfortunately providing some very necessary and subtle functional improvements.


Ruger 10/22 Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC)

The Advanced Hunting Stock (KKC) is an innovative stock that we made for a European designer. The stock is skeletonized. The buttpad and the cheek piece are adjustable - see pictures - for a precise personalized fit. One key design element is the hand grip which has a comfortable angle with palm swell and thumb ledge. It is also flexible for the hand hold location something most useful in a pure hunting stock. The forend is wide with stippled checkering and again allows flexible but secure hand positioning. The stock has good balance for hunting and offhand shooting. It comes quickly on target.


Ruger 10/22 Paladin Rifle Stocks

We designed the PALADIN Stock as a solid shooting platform for a variety of rifles and calibers. In the Ruger 10-22, the PALADIN covers target and hunting applications with some tactical features as well, such as the sniper hook. The stock is not skeletonized for greater robustness. Care was taken in the design for the thumbhole so that the hold to the shoulder and eye is precise. The checkering patterns while decorative, really anchor the hands in place. The air vents are important when the barrel gets hot. The barrel droop tendency is resolved. The stock is made for a target (bull) barrel, .920". The finish is a satin catalyzed urethane that is very, very, tough. The material is the premium birch laminate, Stratobond. The stock comes with a hard rubber butt pad.


Ruger 10/22 Viceroy Rifle Stocks

Our Viceroy Stock was created to recall the superb stock designs of Reinhardt Fajen of some fifty years ago. I remember those innovative stocks and others--such as those on Weatherby rifles-- in the late 1950's and 1960's when American hunters began to come in numbers to Africa for safaris with new guns much different from the traditional European designs or the converted mausers from the war. I was growing up then in Central Africa--Katanga and Northern Rhodesia-- and was of course obsessed with hunting. I could not afford the new, attractive rifles, alas, and developing the Viceroy has helped overcome that disappointment.


Ruger American Bolt Action Rifle Stocks


AK-47 Rifle Stocks

AK-47 Russian Red Kit - Buttstock, Checkered Grip, Upper & Lower Handguard - NO HARDWARE - CLOSEOUT